Pro-Marcos people are mostly prude conservatives—aka the regressive right!

Take note, I am not even pro-Marcos, but no way will I ever be a pro-Aquino (or Yellow), so to speak.

So, why do I say this?

TRUTH TO BE TOLD: Most of the Marcos supporters are prude conservative people—wait, if there’s the regressive left, THEY are the regressive right.

Prude conservatives, as well all know, like the liberal elites (the Philippine regressive left), thrived and survived in a corrupt system that nourished their flourishing careers—meaning to say, their mindsets are also corrupted: They allow religion to dumb them down in the long run.

Buti pa nga ang mga ibang Dilawan tsaka mga maka-kaliwa, nag-iisip. I don’t think, this applies the same to the prudes, since most of them are anti-divorce, pro-cyberlibel, and lastly, opposes FDI. Well, if the Yellows and leftists do not even like FDI and cyberlibel, they are definitely pro-divorce. Look at the authors of the divorce and dissolution bill—majority are underdog Yellows and leftists. Sometimes, kung sino pa ang hindi prudista, sila pa ang progresibo, lalo na iyung mga underdog na Dilawan (majority of the frontman Yellows are prude conservative elitists!).

Prude conservatives are also known for their self-entitlement. Most of them will say, “Be contented with what you have,” will only apply to their defeatist view towards the government. They expect MORE to their children, but they expect less to the Philippine government’s performances. Oh, woah! It shows, they cannot fight back against the corrupt system that they owe their present successes to.

And please take note, they also think Miriam Defensor-Santiago was a bully! Granted, she may have her shortcomings (that is true! She’s not even invincible at the first place), yet she won’t be settling for “pwede na ‘yan” output. Kaya maraming mga prudistang aprubadong maging pangulo si Manny Pacquiao is because, he will be the “first Christian president” blah blah shit.

Credits to getrealphilippines.

If you think it’s OK for you to have Pacman for president, then you’re expecting LESS from the Philippine government! You cannot fight back to the system that nourished your careers is because malaki ang UTANG NA LOOB ninyo sa kanila. No wonder, you tolerate bobotante people who vote for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao—and what makes you united with the Yellows is of course, Gina Lopez.

And before you rant that Gina Lopez was rejected by the Commission of Appointments, kindly watch Mr. Riyoh’s analysis:

Now, it’s time to strip off that wrong notion of utang na loob from our system.


In response to Senyor Komikado’s blog post re: “Misogynist” father figures

This is what I think of Tito Sotto this time, as a father figure.

We all know that he’s a horrible lawmaker (REALTALK! You’re still a bobotante if you will continue to vote for him in the elections), yet he isn’t all that bad when it comes to being a father figure. If he’s really a “misogynist,” to quote Komi himself, how come his marriage with veteran actress Helen Gamboa remains strong? How come that the late Pepsi Paloma’s rape scandal remained an urban legend?

Komi’s post regarding boyfriend-stealing women having a “misogynist” father figure as a necessity makes us re-think about having a father figure like Tito Sotto to women who do not comply with relationship rules.

Well, he does have a point.

Two things: 1.) Female celebrities who steal boyfriends need to have a reputedly “misogynist” father figure to guide them how important it is to have a stable relationship; 2.) The “na-ano” statement is only said to women who have a dubious/questionable background.

These are pretty unpopular and rather controversial opinions. That being said, if Tito Sotto sucks in lawmaking, what compensates is his role as a father figure.

Remember when he called out a woman for wearing skimpy outfits while making herself drunk???

To quote QueenRoxy (via senyorkomikado):

Those who defended Tito Sotto clarified na parang tatay lang din na nanenermon iyan. They even added that the woman was also trying to save her ass kahit siya rin mismo ang may kasalanan why their marriage has been screwed up. Sometimes we need to give our fathers, husbands and boyfriends the credit why they are being uptight on us. Iisa lang din ang likaw ng bituka ng mga lalaki and alam ng lalaki ang animal instinct ng kapwa lalaki.

To be honest, let’s give Titosen credit where it is due. As a matter of fact, men have really strong animal instincts towards their own kind. Trust me, if you do have a decent male relative who really loves you, then you have to consider their advice, whether or not they’re solicited. Also, if some random guy invites you to have a drinking session, make sure he won’t tell you, “Tagay!” #RealTalk: If you get drunk, something bad will really happen to you, unless you have a great amount of self-control.

Unpopular Opinion #1: Women who steal boyfriends (esp. those who grew up without a father figure) really need a reputedly “misogynist” father figure

It’s not to degrade women, honestly speaking. I’d rather trust someone who has a loud mouth like Donald Trump, but is concerned about women’s safety. Also, I don’t believe that Titosen is the “true enemy of women.” If he really is an enemy of women, matagal na sana siyang hiwalay kay Ka Helen. In fact, I’d trust Titosen more, compared to that one friend who is wagas when he talks about feminism and women empowerment, but does not even walk the talk at all—idagdag niyo pa siguro iyung tendency nila na maging Michael Sonmore.

Hence, this statement.

The same people who hate Titosen for his “na-ano” statement, and of course the rape scandal that remained an urban legend are usually the ones who idolize female celebrities who steal boyfriends. See the irony?

Remember, these boyfriend-stealers are usually fatherless, because their mothers received the cold treatment in return, which brings us to…

Unpopular Opinion #2: Calling someone “na-ano” is not something I approve, but there are some women who needed to be called out for their decadent behavior

Oh yes, my response to Senyor K. This is where things get more intense when you tell a single mother that in the street language, it is “na-ano.”

Granted, it is really offensive. Derogatory. Pejorative. Vulgar. All of these things. And I DO agree with that.

However, if Titosen would rather tell the “na-ano” statement to Mandy Teefy (Selena Gomez’s mother), or Miho Nishida, it will make more sense. Speaking of the “na-ano” statement, it can only be forgiven if you say that to a teen mom who adheres to a decadent lifestyle. Kaya siguro naghiwalay magulang ni Selena is because of her mother’s rather, decadent lifestyle. Now look at Selena Gomez—using The Weeknd to bring back Justin Bieber into her life (poor JB!). Also, have you observed, Selena allows herself to be the “rebound” of her friends’s exes? I hate to say this, but dating a friend’s ex not only once, but multiple times by picking up their leftovers is similar to eating pagpag every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Henceforth, Mandy Teefy deserves to be called, “na-ano.”

Miho Nishida? Well well well… to quote QueenRoxy:

I do not belittle single-parents and as much as I want to appreciate na nanindigan siya para sa anak niya at magtaguyod, in the first place, hindi na niya inuna pagbabarkada, pagtotoma at paghihitad. I know, normal sa teenager na ganun, but I used to be a teenager just like her. Ang sakit para sa akin na nasa-slutshame ako ng nanay ko when I was being suspected na naglalandi. Nakaka-trauma ‘yung tinatakot-takot ka about the possibilities after pregnancy, and that includeda getting kicked-out of the house. My mom might have employed wrong parenting methods, but kahit palihim ako naglumandi, I knew how to be careful —- not getting STDs/HIV, not getting pregnant out of wedlock, nakatapos ng pag-aaral despite my ‘inner crisis’ and kahit waldas ako at hindi makaipon, may trabaho ako at kahit hindi kalakihan ang sahod, hindi ko kinailangan mag-artista para lang mabuhay kasi kahit malaki kikitain mo, the thing is, hindi pang-forever na trabaho ang pag-aartista eh.

In fact, Miho Nishida also deserves to be called, “na-ano.”

Lastly, Andi Eigenmann. This is where things get complicated: She claimed that Albie Casiño is the father of her child, but the father turned out to be Jake Ejercito. Therefore, the worst thing should be called upon her: “Nagpa-ano.”

To the virtue-signalling feminist SJWs who will read this post

Trigger warning: You’ve got warned!

I would say, if you’re a woman, you cannot do wrong? Wow, enough of your self-entitlement! I bet, you’re the same people who tolerate women who demand chivalry for men, esp. those when offering seats on the train, or on a bus! It only means, you have to go somewhere else, NOT on this blog.

After all, teenage pregnancy, stealing boyfriends, and observing a decadent lifestyle will re-instate traditional misogyny towards people like you, and expect being called, “Ka-babae mong tao, ah!”

And nope, it’s not sexist.

STAY TUNED: Collab post with senyorkomikado and mspanythinginrandom re: elitists and virtue-signalling

Religion should not make anyone stupid… at the very least

Yes guys, science and God can mix. If you don’t believe so, then the most daring woman who ever became a computer scientist was Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, a Catholic nun. Her existence wasn’t even mentioned in computer education books, esp. if you’re in a Philippine Catholic school.

This is where the notion of religion mixed with science becomes possible—that’s why, if you’re going to ask me, the concept of “transgenderism” is pretty controversial, if you’re going to view it in a libtard’s point of view.

So, what’s the point here? This is when religion should NOT make anyone stupid, because nowadays, radical extremist fanatics are creating “FAKE” versions of a religion, such as fake Christianity, fake Islam, or the worst: Fake Buddhism.

Practicing the fake version of your religious beliefs DOES make you stupid. Proof? There are A LOT!

1.) Fake Christianity

Many Filipino Christians are still sadly, practicing the fake version of Christianity. Judging others simply because others have tattoos, got divorced in another country (esp. if that’s a Filipino with foreign citizenship), lost their chastity, or worse, not being able to have circumcision… is pretty normal.

The bad thing is, while Catholic schools at least, make efforts to instill discipline to their students via their irrationally-strict rules, the Roman Catholic Church, through the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), failed to instill ETHICS by condemning the so-called extra-judicial killings (EJKs), headed by Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and of course, condemned other things such as the controversial Reproductive Health Law (then-called the RH Bill), and worst: Divorce.

That is why, Senyor Komikado wrote his piece (more like of a collab) regarding, his criticism towards Filipino Christians and what they can actually learn from Chinese and Muslims… or Chinese Muslims (more like Uyghurs).

Lastly, Filipino Christians do not even realize that Christianity IS a reformed religion. Henceforth, if they pride themselves as the one and only Catholic Christian country in Asia, how come everything’s fucked up???

Also, why are crimes rates HIGHER in predominantly Catholic Christian countries, such as those in South America?

2.) Fake Islam

Now here comes the thing: I might be called an “Islamophobe” for discussing my views on Islam. For me, Islam is simply put, unreformed (that’s why Islam is perceived negatively by Westerners and pretty much conservative Eastern Asians). At the same time, majority of Muslim countries is where corruption thrive. Don’t forget, there are higher crime rates, IF a Muslim country isn’t ruled by monarchy.

Also, if Islam is really a religion of peace, why are Israelis BANNED in 16 Muslim countries? Why is homosexuality punishable by death!? Lastly, why are women oppressed by being FORCED to wear a hijab, as per law? Don’t forget, honor killings are done upon women who are ACTUALLY rape victims, to think that kind of practice is deemed as HARAM.

(Side Note: The only good thing about Sharia Law is when the limbs of thieves are amputated, and when members of royalty will also be punished accordingly, IF they commit crimes. Don’t forget drug trade.)

That’s why, if you remove Sharia Law from a predominantly Muslim country, the better it might be. Let’s take a look at predominantly-Muslim countries that have NO Sharia Law: Best example? Kazakhstan.

Now, it’s all thanks to their president Nursultan Nazarbayev, whom Western scholars view as “authoritarian,” and “hostile to critics,” but believe it or not, it’s all thanks to him, radicalism and terrorism will be treated accordingly. Also, terrorists face death penalty in Kazakhstan, if they dare place the country into chaos. In my book, he is the post-Soviet version of Lee Kuan Yew—a visionary who wants the best for his homeland.

That’s why Muslim countries should have their own version of Nazarbayev—that way, radical Islam cannot thrive and survive. This is the good side of Soviet influence—if you think suppressing religious freedom is MORALLY BAD, then think again: Radicalism won’t ever survive with an authoritarian rule that condemns dissent that often leads to sedition.

3.) Fake Buddhism

Each religion has their ups and downs, and Buddhism cannot be excluded from the list. The most controversial would be the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, where Myanmar’s state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is criticized for remaining silent on the violence against Rohingyas. They would put the blame on “radical Buddhism,” but on the other hand though, ethnic Burmese aren’t so much interested anymore when it comes to the Rohingyas (check the comments section of each and every news page when it comes to Myanmar).

And according to the Dalai Lama, he said, “Buddha always teaches us about forgiveness, tolerance, compassion. If from one corner of your mind, some emotion makes you want to hit, or want to kill, then please remember Buddha’s faith. We are followers of Buddha.” He added, “All problems must be solved through dialogue, through talk. The use of violence is outdated, and never solves problems.” (Source)

However, Myanmar is not alone. In fact, other Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka have their own fair share of Buddhist radicalism.

So, yeah.

No religion is perfect, but honestly speaking, if we do not make religion as an excuse, the world would be a better place to live.

Making religion as an excuse, after all, makes people stupid.

The more Atty. Bruce Rivera talks about cyber-libel, the more I respect him as a human being

He said:

In the meantime, you get to do all the effort to file in the Prosecutors Office, which might even be dismissed in that level because bloggers like myself are considered public figures and some are public officials. Hence, we have a wider latitude of criticism. Pinasukan namin ito kaya dapat open kami sa mas matinding panlalait. The price of fame so to speak. As such, intent to defame is difficult to prove.

Check the rest of his entry HERE.

Atty. Bruce V. Rivera may be a lawyer, but he does not use his profession to scare away people. This what makes me respect him more as a lawyer—AND, as a human being.

He knows well how the law works in the Philippines. According to him, it would only be a waste of time AND money at the same time if he does that. What matters to him most is the mere fact that he, alongside the other Digong supporters, won the public opinion.

Atty. Bruce Rivera has proven that even though you get bullied and harassed by bashers online, it’s best not to file suit—because it shows that you’re butthurt-defensive if you do so.

I do commend his message to Sen. Sonny Trillanes regarding the lawsuit filed against PCOO ASec Mocha Uson. According to Ka Bruce, Mocha is helpless, given that she does not fear anything. It shows that Bruce has more humanistic views regarding libel.

To be honest, we believe Bruce is the only person so far who protests the existence of cyber-libel in a cryptic manner. Also, he is commendable when it comes to divorce law, and of course the court ruling re: Grace Poe’s citizenship issues. Ka Bruce supports divorce in the Philippines to become a law, and at the same time, he disagrees with the court ruling re: Grace Poe.

A lot of prude conservatives with poor and cheap taste might find Bruce Rivera provocative, yet the latter will always be the winner when it comes to public opinion. I commend him.

NOTE: This is a collab entry with mspanythinginrandom. Apparently, my collab mate chose to have their blog hidden from the public for… well, I won’t elaborate further.

Suffrage woes: The late Miriam Defensor-Santiago MISSED OUT the point!

Credits to the owner of the pic! RIP, Ka Miriam.

The late Iron Lady of Asia proposed something that would only allow taxpayers and students to vote during the elections… unfortunately, she missed out the point!

The late senator didn’t actually realize, the bobotante mentality does not discriminate. Even professionals with a government-issued license could fall victim to that way of thinking.

What makes us say this?

Look around you—even professionals could vote for the following useless pieces of garbage (sorry not sorry!): Noynoy Aquino, Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV, Franklin Drilon… and of course, the bobotante people’s all-time favorites: Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.

Well, we’re not even political scientists, or even psychology majors to explain and analyze these things. If a lot of people think that these solons are “worthy” to become public servants, then fuck them. Can’t we just improve the following: Education system, police system, or better yet, teach students how to raise kids.

If you want to educate yourself, LIKE or FOLLOW the pages of the following: Raffy Gutierrez (Tio Ralph), Flippinflips, Dr. Antonio P. Contreras, Paula Defensor Knack, Thinking Pinoy, Sass Rogando Sasot, Showbiz Government, and a lot more.

Of course we do have, but if I were you, I’d rather let you read Sean Akizuki’s Making it (More) Fun in the Philippines blog. Sean Akizuki’s blog is the best pick we would ever recommend to you, since he talks about things that are left unspoken. Go figure.

Back to Miriam. Anyway, if you really want to be educated enough, here are the following things we would suggest to you:

1.) Stop watching teleseryes!

2.) If you have the means, go to YouTube and I suggest to you the following pages: PragerU, Paul Joseph Watson, Nas Daily, Geography Now!, LangFocus, Hananya Naftali, and a lot more to come. Promise, you’ll get a lot more awesome stuff you can get on YouTube!

3.) DELVE in dramas that will at least, educate you.

4.) Stop relying on textbooks! Remember, the same commissioned authors are the prudes who are quintessentially, and stereotypically the same people who go to church every Sundays, wearing conservative clothing.

5.) Severe your ties with toxic people, who are high-falutin hypocrites. They don’t share their KNOWLEDGE!

That’s all!!!

Dear Mocha Uson… from a concerned parody character (char)

Courtesy of

I have defended you from the likes of G Toengi, but now you’re proving that you’re worthy to be criticized.

Sayang pala iyung pinagtanggol ka pa ni Senyor Komikado sa Twitter, ‘noh!? He was defending you in any social media platform, mapa-Facebook, mapa-Twitter, tsaka hanggang makarating sa blog niya, ta’s ngayon, ikaw pa ang defensive sa mga paratang ng ibang taong may totoong malasakit?

Dear, if you really want to be respected by the people, even the liberal elites, you really need to open your mind. Palibhasa, maraming blessings ang binigay sa’yo, and then you abuse ’em.

If only you weren’t given the job as PCOO’s Assistant Secretary, wala nang gulo. Here, because YOU are the Asec, what happened to journalism?

1.) Every traditional journalist is often generalized as “bayaran,” tsaka “walang credibility.” WOW! So, kahit iyung mga hindi naman tiga-Inquirer, Rappler, tsaka ABS-CBN, tatawagin ng mga tao na, “bayaran?”

2.) Right, so you claim to be, “NOT A JOURNALIST!”, but you’re acting like one, according to someone’s acquaintance. I know, you have been interviewing the Marcoses, and also a lot of other personalities so we understand your intentions. However, you have crossed the line already.

One example: The PCOO has already allowed bloggers who have NO (nada, zero, zilch) experience in journalism, who are at least 18 years old, with at least 5,000 likes/followers/subscribers on their respective media platforms to cover Digong’s activities. Don’t tell me, you’re not the reason behind this.

3.) Speaking of how you promote Manny Pacquiao as a sensible senator, it shows that you two have something in common. You share the same banana, and that is when you become… conceited ever since the blessings poured down upon you.

Calling Manny Pacquiao charitable is like saying, anyone can do that. NO. You’re wrong. We all know that Pacman only did it to give more space to his bank accounts, or prolly he has nothing else to do with his hard-earned cash. Speaking of his pro-God stance, sorry he’s not even a model Christian at all. A lot of simple-minded supporters of the Digong-BBM tandem will still choose him over a true model Christian, who is no other than Cong. Geraldine Roman, who represents Bataan’s First District.

4.) If Digong is giving you everything to crucify the Yellows, aren’t you also being offensive to non-Yellow people?

5.) Lastly, Mocha, if you really want to be taken seriously, why don’t you regulate the way you express yourself in social media? LOL, Sen. Nancy Binay makes sense—Asec. Mocha cannot be divorced from the private Mocha. It’s simply because, you continue to be a social justice warrior (SJW), while being in a top position of the PCOO.

To all DDS people: We have to be critical thinkers, not blind followers

We all know that Mocha Uson is making waves as a provocative game-changer, yet this speaks about her behavior. I am not bad-mouthing Mocha right here, I’m simply being critical of her actions.

[Side Note: This has NOTHING to do with her past. We all know that she was a sex blogger, nonetheless that’s never an excuse.]

May punto naman ang mga non-Yellows na nagdududa kay Mocha. After all, Mocha’s appointment as Asec. is really something that isn’t going to sit well with most people.

Fighting fake news? Well, Mocha’s way of calling the soldier photo as “symbolisms” is like, “Hasn’t she ever asked a random visual artist about what symbolism is?”

That’s why a lot of Digong-BBM supporters believe in fake news, and share it online. Now that sharing fake news is a crime, Mocha should be aware of these things… and to the Digong-BBM supporters, they have to stay vigilant.

On top of that, Mocha should set an example to neophyte journalists who are willing to spread the truth. She has an op-ed column in the Philippine Star, and now that she’s PCOO’s Asst. Secretary, she has to detach her real self, from her professional self. That’s all.

Climate Change via Heavy Rains: The Philippine telecom oligarchs’s latest FUBU (and not only a best friend forever!)

Dear telecom oligarchs,

Climate change is surely your best friend. Sige pa, nakaw pa more the bills from the people.

Climate change is definitely the telecom oligarchs’s best friend. No wonder, Filipinos are already agitated with their internet connection. This is one proof that the telecom oligarchs of the Philippines deserve to end up like the Parojinogs, and the NTC Chief should be very strict and tyrannical towards these goons.

As you can all see, the prude conservatives keep on being passive towards these oppressors. They’re the ones tolerating that shit! They tolerate inconveniences. It’s bullshit.

Tolerating the decadence of these bullshit, stinky telecom oligarchs who steal money from taxpayers, is like saying “yes,” without questions, when they benefit from cilmate change. I’m not kidding you; even corrupt politicians are backing ‘em.

So, if you’re pro-Cybercrime Law, of course courtesy of CopySotto, and you tolerate these decadence, c/o the telco oligarchs, then stay away from the internet forever! Prude conservatives do not deserve to be on the internet; also, prude conservatives should not be allowed to have children, or to travel abroad.

This is my rant about the prude conservatives’s passive tolerance towards the telecom assholes: They don’t directly complain, because they’re afraid, they might be shot to death by these oligarchs. We might not know: These oligarchs might have connections to the counterparts of the Parojinogs… or worse: Savage Girl.

Exposing G Toengi!

NOTE: Anyway, Senyor Komikado finally permitted me to create my first post about G Toengi. If you see that the author is “pilosopongkomikado,” then it’s our common account.

So, it started from here!

First of all, ka-DDS (fellow Digong Diehard Supporter) and veteran actress Vivian Velez revealed G’s past:

Some publicity hungry, hypocritical and intellectual wanna be, pretending not to care host just placed herself (yes, she placed herself intently and intentionally) right at the back of the most popular Filipino internet figure, hollering, “giddiyap! Let’s go!” Another Blue passport holder biatch that makes her believe that she is all knowing and superior than any of us. Remember your roots, girl! Di ba, Peter Flores Serrano? hahaha
#hypocrite #starlet #Fieldsbaby #checkpointbabe #AngelesCity

Also, Vivian herself exposed… another bad thing:

MOCHA USON BLOG finally retaliated:


Maraming nagme-message sa akin patungkol sa video na ito. Una sa lahat salamat sa mga tulad ni Mam Maharlika na naninindigan sa gitna ng ilang mga bugok. Tularan natin ang mga ganitong tao. Dahil matagal na tayong inapi ng mga matapobreng elitista sa ating bayan. Matagal na nila binusalan ang mga tulad nating walang boses sa bayan na ito. MAM SOBRANG NAPAHANGA AKO SA KATAPANGAN NINYO! MABUHAY KA MAHARLIKA!

At para sayo G. Toengi yung pagtatanong mo ay halatang hindi naghahanap ng sagot kundi bumabatikos sa desisyon ng aming Pangulo. Ako na ang sasagot sa bugok mong isip.

Ano ba ang qualifications ng isang MTRCB board member? Basahin mo ang PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 1986 Section 2

“Section 2. Composition; Qualifications; Benefits. – The BOARD shall be composed of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and thirty (30) members, who shall all be appointed by the President of the Philippines. The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, and the members of the BOARD, shall hold office for a term of one (1) year, unless sooner removed by the President for any cause; Provided, that they shall be eligible for re-appointment after the expiration of their term. If the Chairman, or the Vice-Chairman or any member of the BOARD fails to complete his term, any person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve only for the unexpired portion of the term of the BOARD Member whom he succeeds.

No person shall be appointed to the BOARD, unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, not less than twenty-one (21) years of age, and of good moral character and standing in the community; Provided, that in the selection of the members of the BOARD due consideration shall be given to such qualifications as would produce a multi-sectoral combination of expertise in the various areas of motion picture and television; Provided, further, That at least five (5) members of the BOARD shall be members of the Philippine Bar. Provided, finally, that at least fifteen (15) members of the BOARD may come from the movie and television industry to be nominated by legitimate associations representing the various sectors of said industry.”


I am a Filipino. I am more than 21 years old. I have no criminal record. I WAS a sex blogger. That was 7 years ago.

Now let me ask you, si GRACE POE ay naging MTRCB Chairman noong panahon ni AQUINO, tama? Ano po ang qualification niya bilang isang Chairman aside from being the daughter of FPJ? Naging artista po ba siya? Naging TV personality ba siya? Naging entertainer ba siya? But I never questioned her appointment as MTRCB CHAIRMAN. Now if you are trying to question my appointment as BOARD MEMBER then why didn’t you question the appointed MTRCB CHAIRMAN of AQUINO? Simple answer, MIYEMBRO KA NG MGA BUGOK!

Oh, sa mga bugok na sasabihing wala akong good moral character and standing in the community-

– 7 years na po akong advocate ng Corridor of Hope (St. Luke’s Cancer Institute)
– 3 years honorary board member Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay Foundation
– advocate po ako ng VACC (Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption)
– May Malasakit Ambassadress ng DSWD
– Partner sa DUTERTE’s Kitchen

Kung pagiging sex blogger ko NOON pa rin ang isyu niyo ay wala na akong magagawa sa pag-iisip niyong talangka. Lahat ng tao puwede magbago!

It’s a great thing that Mocha Uson retaliated. Oha, Sass Rogando Sasot even backed Mocha’s retaliation:

G Toengi has the right to ask what qualifications someone has to be appointed a particular position. The problem with her question is she is NOT really asking a question. “[Mocha] is a sex blogger,” Toengi said, “that’s not qualification enough.”

When Maharlika told her that Mocha actually has a bachelor’s degree, Toengi condescendingly dismissed Mocha’s degree: “In medicine?” she said. MTRCB is not about medicine but entertainment, Toengi protested. What if Mocha got appointed a position in DOH? Would Toengi still protest?

Mocha is part of the entertainment industry. Perhaps not as big as G Toengi when she was still one of the it-girls in Philippine show business, but still Mocha is part of the same industry that G Toengi once took her clothes off for. Is Toengi rejecting that Mocha also belongs to that industry?

I can see that this is PDut’s political appointment. As what Thinking Pinoy – TP said, a fuck you to mainstream media. But I can also see why Mocha’s appointment is a game changer: she might be the first MTRCB Board Member who actually interacts with everyday Filipinos. She could serve as the ear of MTRCB to the sentiments of the common Filipino. If Mocha Uson fucked up, you can always demand her resignation. After all, you are paying her to do the job assigned to her.

Here are some substantial comments:

AR said,

I also find her statement reeking of hypocrisy, as you can see, her FB profile shows a woman wearing the US flag as a burka (sort of) which some women from the women’s march was wearing. If she supported that march and it’s advocacies, why in the hell would she demean mocha? Kung ang isa sa ipinaglalaban ng Womens March ay ang women’s equality, then why is she so bent on putting mocha down by questioning her appointment? #hypocrisymuch to the highest.

Holy Guacamole! Look, G is a quintessential example of a libertard! She pretends that she’s for women’s rights and women empowerment, but to belittle and question Mocha Uson as a board member of the MTRCB makes me C-R-I-N-G-E! It speaks about her failed career in Hollywood, and now she’s trying oh-so hard to do it again through her show, “Kababayan Today.”

Why not ask Maharlika about Kababayan Today? Question is, is this still worthy to be trending?

SM even said,

Lahat naman ng dilawan puro for women advocacy pero wagas makalait kay mocha and don’t get me started with the president’s partner grabe kala mo kung sinong malilinis…

In fact, I don’t like the Yellows’s women’s rights “forerunner,” Senator Risa Hontiveros. Truth is, Hontiveros is a FRAUD. When it comes to women’s rights, I believe Gabriela does the job BETTER. Also, the leftist DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo.

Remember, the leftists are far better when it comes to advocating women’s rights, not the yellows. As a matter of fact, the yellows are plain LIB-TARDS who simply romanticize women, to the point of objectifying them. And don’t get me started with the Yellow females! They’re walking objectifications in a nutshell! Simply look again on how Vivian describes G Toengi’s outfit when she visited the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles. Eh, so what if Mocha Uson was a former sex blogger? Off-cam, Mocha dresses properly and does not attract bad apples at all! This shows how Mocha walks her talk, unlike G Tong-hit who does the opposite.

As much as Senyor Komikado admires G Toengi, even to the point of endorsing her, because you know, G has a strong personality, but speaking of politics, G does not have enough credibility. Still, Komi won’t ever lose his admiration towards G, yet he chose to criticize G’s irrational dislike towards MOCHA USON.

I myself am not even a fan of Mocha, but I don’t question her being a board member of the MTRCB, then as the Assistant Secretary of the PCOO. Simply put, Mocha volunteered. I don’t give a shit if she was once a sex blogger, a sexy dancer, and the leader of the sexy group, the Mocha Girls. I don’t even care as well if Mocha’s group is a JEJE-group at all. What’s important is her service to the people.

And I would like to tell the hypocritical Yellows about Melania Trump (and Hillary-tards who are not considerate enough). So what if Melania also had a “past” of being a “hubadera” and entered illegally in the United States? For sure, she changed for the better. She won’t be pursued by President Trump, if she didn’t allow herself to improve. DUH! Thinking that Trump himself has his own set of demons, he at least has a good vision for America (I believe, every world leader has that). Remember, he does not even zip the mouths of CNN, Bloomberg, or even The New York Times.

How G reacted to present-day Asst. Secretary Mocha Uson!

Here’s the Tweet (credits to Miss Maharlika via BalitangMaharlika):

She even mis-spelled “Uson” to “UDON.” LOL!

Shame if she did that on purpose. Well, I bet she did! It’s a shame that she still carries the “fresh-off-the-boat” stigma. According to MSP Anything in Random, many Filipinos who are fresh-off-the-boat immediately develop a form of superiority complex, once they simply stepped foot in American soil, if they’re only going to seek for greener pastures. That form of so-called “air-headed-ness” only blows out of proportion once they become naturalized American citizens—you know what it means: AMERICAN PASSPORT, blue in color, prized by many Filipinos, and for them, it is more precious than a US green card.

Well, I would like to ask G Toengi this question: During the time of Noynoy Aquino, did you ever volunteer to be the voice of Noynoy supporters? I guess NOT, since you’re “too busy” with your career.